*Construction begins 2020
*Construction begins 2019

International Hope Builders partners with local Honduran business owners, municipalities, and government officials to identify the most urgent need for homes and basic community facilities like medical clinics and schools.

The requesting official must sign a Memorandum of Understanding, commit local funds and volunteers for every project to fulfill our mission goal is to help those in need to help themselves and improve their own living conditions through the use of the ICF Building Technology they would not otherwise have access to.

Providing Shelter. Restoring Dignity. Building Hope.



2019 Building Initiatives

2 Senior Centers

1 Medical Clinic

6 Houses

2 Schools 

14 additional relief homes budgeted for urgent need requests



8-Unit Apartment Complex for Homeless Seniors

In February 2019, we traveled back to Honduras to build an 8-unit complex for senior citizens who are homeless or surviving unsafe, unsustainable living conditions. The land was donated by a business owner with a heart for Honduras.

Six Apartments for Flood Victims

Hurricane Nate caused fatal flooding throughout Central America. Honduras was severely impacted as the housing situation in many regions is not sufficient to sustain families in the best of weather. The mud, stick, rock homes were no match for the torrential rains and flooding.  A Mayor from the San Antonio de Copán Region requested urgent relief for 6 families left homeless - including elderly and small children.

Five IHB Volunteers pooled personal finances to fund the trip and materials. The mayor provided the foundation and In just 5 days, IHB built  6 apartment homes that changed the lives - and more than likely - saved the lives of those in greatest need.

San Antonio de Copán, Honduras

A volunteer team visited San Antonio de Cortez, Honduras to build a much needed Kinder for 4 and 5 year olds who had no central school nearby.

The school was completed in just two days with the help of 4 board members and a Denver area youth group of 13-18 year olds.

The teachers and students came on the last day of construction to express their appreciation and dedicate the school to the community.

The opportunity to give education, friendship, and hope to the littlest in need was a life changing event for all.

Help for the helpless.

A volunteer team of 5 board members completed 5 houses in Honduras in October 2017 including one for an 80 year old man who recently broke his hip. Having a cement floor and water proof roofing reduces the chance the elderly will slip and fall causing breaks and injuries that are difficult to recover from.