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Village of Tierra Agria ("Dead Earth").
In April of 2016, IHB volunteers traveled for two hours into the mountains on a very rough road. They came to a fork in the road and Mayor Antonio sent some of the men that were cutting bananas to the Village that was another 45 min walk to announce our arrival.
Soon 30-40 people, old and young, came to the hill where we waited with a truckload of beans and rice to distribute. An elderly woman, looking to be in her 80’s, came - no shoes and dressed in a ragged dress. She had walked the 45 minutes - up the hill - with no shoes.
Through our interpreter we were told that Mayor Antonio wanted to bring this Village of 100 persons to the town to live if International Hope Builders would build them homes. That day we asked the people if they wanted to move and if we came back would they work with us to build new homes. They made a promise that day and so did we. We prayed together before we left. Our volunteers could see in their eyes that they would do what they said.
This Village has never had running water, electricity or education their entire lives. They wanted a better life for the children. Mayor Antonio kept his promise and February 2017 we returned and built 5 duplexes for these families. The men were there and worked so hard. Many of them had Crocs on that were two sizes to small and the clothes were worn. They poured concrete for 9 days without complaining. No pay!
We will go back in October to build the other 5 duplexes so the Village can move to San Jose together. Each day one or more would come to us and say thanks with their eyes and a hand shake.
To go to school in Honduras you must have a $12.00 uniform. We would like to raise the money for each child in this Village to have a uniform.


5 Duplexes: $25,000
Home Supplies: 5,000
Uniforms: $720.00
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