Summer 2018: Newsletter

June 01, 2018

Homes for the Homeless: 6 apartments homes for flood victims

Spring 2018: Newsletter

March 01, 2020

Urgent relief needed for flood victims.

Fall 2017: Newsletter

October 15, 2019

Summer 2017: Newsletter

August 01, 2017

Summer 2017 summary including our first Volunteer Trip that introduced a local Arvada Youth Group whose lives were forever changed by their service to others.

Spring 2017: Newsletter

May 01, 2017

Learn more about the duplex project IHB recently completed - giving 10 new homes to families in need.

Fall 2016: Newsletter

November 01, 2016

IHB Golf Tournament was a great success. Take a look at the projects that this amazing fundraiser helps bring to life.

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