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Depending on the specific needs of each project, International Hope Builders utilizes both traditional and progressive building technologies to produce the most affordable, sustainable and accessible product for our partners.


Through our partnership with Lazarian World Homes, IHB is able to implement a unique, cutting-edge building system that allows for quick assembly of affordable and sustainable buildings in developing countries.



  • Inexpensive

  • Energy efficient

  • Moisture and pest resistant

  • Quick and easy assembly

  • Does not require a sophisticated workforce

  • Structurally durable

  • Withstands major earthquakes, storms, floods, and natural disasters

  • Utilizes universal commodities

  • Eco-friendly

  • Sustainable technology

               RAPID. RELIABLE. REUSABLE. 

A patented approach to life-changing, humanitarian construction efforts.

The Lazarian Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) polystyrene foam block is the basis for the Lazarian World Home building system being utilized by IHB. With these blocks, the Lazarian World Home structures become simple and inexpensive to build. The buildings are energy efficient with a minimum R-Value of 20. The polystyrene (EPS) blocks do not absorb moisture, resist pests, and contain fire retardant materials all within each block. The homes also have an estimated economic life of 40-50 years.

The assembling of walls requires only four styrofoam pieces, which include the Standard and Lintel Block, a Plug, and the End Cap. The Standard Wall Block and Lintel/Header Block comprise the main pieces. These blocks are 48″L X 12″H X 8″W and weigh about 3 pounds. The blocks interlock through a Lego type nature that allows for quick and easy assembly. Then 3/8 rebar and concrete are both placed into holes every 16 inches throughout the wall. The same is then done through the lintel block every 4 ft. from the ground to tie the building vertically and horizontally.

Because the resulting “skeleton” inside the walls of the Lazarian World Home is a type of structural system commonly known as Reinforced Concrete Post and Beam Construction, the homes will withstand major earthquakes, storms, floods, and natural disasters. This process along with the features of the styrofoam blocks, gives the buildings the strength and durability that is seldom seen within the class of affordable housing.

Because, concrete, rebar, and styrofoam are all universal commodities, IHB  can work anywhere in the world. The Lazarian World  Homes building system breaks down affordability and sustainability barriers by using an alternative method of building that is faster than conventional building, does not require a sophisticated work force, and is easy to learn due to its simple structure and few materials needed.

The unique Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) provide a state of the art solution to protecting the environment with energy efficient housing for the 21st Century. Because the basic component of the homes is polystyrene, a proven insulator, the homes stay warm in the winter and cool in the summers. 


When the economic life of the Lazarian home is complete, approximately 90% of the home may be recycled. The foam blocks may be ground up and used as an amendment to gardens to allow for better watering, especially in clayey soils. The Lazarian blocks may also be pulverized and mixed with concrete products to fabricate new building blocks to build more homes.


In addition, the concrete In the Lazarian foam block walls may be recycled and used for base material under roads or buildings, and the steel reinforcing bar may be recycled for other uses. This is also true for the corrugated metal roofing. Wood used to build the homes, such as the roof truss system, may be recycled into particle board or other engineered wood products. In places where use of wood is not available or desirable, roof truss systems may be built with recyclable steel angle iron or aluminum.

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